2022 Season Costs

2022 Season Costs


Championship Registration Fees


Full Season Registration Fee £1500
One-Off registration Fee £250


Event Entry Fees
BGT rounds at Oulton Park International & Donington Park GP, Brands Hatch Indy: £1750 per event
Time Attack rounds at Oulton Park Island, Donington Park National & Snetterton 200: £1450 per event
Castle Combe: £1450


All Entry Fees must be paid one month in advance of event start date,  if paying on a round by round base.  Please contact Nicki@maximumgroup.net to arrange invoice in advance.

Any Entry Fees paid after this date will incur an increase of 20% plus vat.

If drivers wish to pay for the year in advance they will receive a loyalty discount of 10%. This option will be  available until 20th February 2022.

Dry Tyre:     Goodyear 265/660R18 GY SLICK TC 02B3: £306.00 each
Wet Tyre:    Goodyear 265/660R18 GY RM-9000-L TC 02W3: £306.00 each
Goodyear 265/660R18 GY RM-9000-R TC 02W3: £306.00 each


Race Fuel
Controlled Sunoco fuel (when purchasing 220L drum): £2.98 per litre


Club Time Attack Membership Fee
One-off fee at start of season: £41.67

All prices plus VAT.