With Goodyear having become the sole tyre supplier for the Touring Car Trophy and TCR UK this year, the series has seen both an increase in numbers and profile and the UK tyre brand is looking to increase its support over a long-term agreement.

Goodyear UK Manager Mickey Butler is excited about the future of the series, with this year’s title winner Lewis Kent becoming one of a select few drivers who have been awarded the chance to take part in a Goodyear test at the wheel of an NGTC Touring Car in November.

However, the plans don’t stop there.

With Goodyear already into its second year of supplying the FIA World Touring Car Cup – WTCR, the brand wants to expand its presence in the UK TCR series and show that the concept of TCR competition is one that it fully supports.

Dunlop explains the move to further support TCR UK and why this year has been so important in getting plans underway for a new long-term commitment.

“The 2021 season has been a pleasure to watch as both a representative of Goodyear and also as a touring car fan, seeing how the series has made such progress this year, with exciting action-packed races throughout the year,” said Butler.

“In awarding the champion the chance to take part in the Goodyear test in November, we are not only giving the chance to try out a different type of touring car using our product, we also work with the drivers to help them better understand the power of Marketing PR and how to develop their skills.

“Goodyear are very happy to be a part of the growth that the Touring Car Trophy and TCR UK have experienced this year and we are here to stay and support the series in a long-term capacity.

“We look forward to what will be another exciting year for the series in 2022 and being a part of that story.”

Photo from Jakob Ebrey Photography.

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