The TCR UK Touring Car Championship will see a major change for the 2024 season after WSC Group, the entity that owns and administrates the TCR category, announced a change in how the Compensation Weight system will work from the 2024 season.

The current system, which has been in use since 2021, takes into account the fastest lap posted by drivers in Qualifying, before allocating extra weight in a range from 0 to 40 kilos.

Under the new rules, the system of Compensation Weight will now be based on race results, taking into account the total amount of points scored by each driver across a race weekend, using the following scale:

1st – 40kg; 2nd – 30kg; 3rd – 30kg; 4th – 20kg; 5th – 10kg; from 6th onwards – 0kg

For the first event of the season, no Compensation Weight will be allocated and all cars will run to their Minimum Racing Weight at that time.

The Compensation Weight system will continue to be added to the car’s Minimum Racing Weight, which is confirmed by the Global TCR Balance of Performance table published in the TCR Technical Bulletins, which apply to each championship around the world running to TCR regulations.

WSC President Marcello Lotti explained the reasons behind the change for 2024.

“Following several analysis, and after listening to the advice of promoters and manufacturers, we came to the decision that a change was needed.

“We believe that the new system, based on the actual results of a whole racing weekend, is more straightforward, makes more difficult to create any kind of strategies and it’s easier to be understood.”

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