TCR UK is thrilled to announce the renewal of its marketing partnership with Woya Digital into 2024 for a third season. This extension reaffirms both organisations’ commitment to revolutionising the digital landscape of motorsport marketing for TCR UK and prospective touring car spectators.

Over the past two years, Woya Digital has played a pivotal role supporting the touring car championships internal marketing team.

By enhancing the online visibility of the TCR UK Touring Car Championship, this has significantly boosted engagement across digital platforms, specifically the TCR UK website and the live stream races on YouTube.

The collaboration has brought innovative marketing strategies to the forefront, benefiting not just the championship, but also its stakeholders including sponsors, participating teams, and the drivers.

Looking forward, the partnership will continue to harness cutting-edge search engine optimisation techniques and digital marketing solutions to attract and retain a growing fan base, ensuring the championship remains at the forefront of the UK’s motorsport scene.

Stewart Lines, Championship Promoter at TCR UK, expressed his enthusiasm about the continued partnership, stating, “Woya Digital’s expertise in SEO and digital marketing has been invaluable. Their work has supported our growth through the internet. We are excited to see how this renewed partnership will further propel the championship in the coming years.”

Natalie Karr, Managing Partner at Woya Digital, also commented on the renewal, “We are delighted to renew our partnership with TCR UK. It’s a pleasure to work with a well known sports brand in the UK that is as passionate about innovation and excellence as we are. We look forward to another year of shared success and ground-breaking achievements.”

This renewed partnership is set to continue through the 2024 season, with both teams eager to set new benchmarks in the sports marketing arena.

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